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WELCOME TO CARS AND BIKES Welcome to Cars and Bikes Magazine – since 1999 the self powered web magazine for members and users of – Auto Classifieds – A fully featured Social Network for all kinds of Autos Types [way before Facebook was a twinkle in the eye].

We also provide a wide range of FREE [or Freemium] and effective tools for members to use in trading their auto related goods and services, parts, accesssories, after-market products and all goods, supplies and services for the Auto’s Market. From fully complemented Storefronts, Discussion Forums to a fully stocked Parts Mall. With services being added all the time we aim to have the most comprehensive Worldwide Auto Trading Marketplace on the web.

‘Membership’ is as simple as joining up and using one of our wide range of tools for the trading, tracking, trailing discussing of all auto related goods and services. ALL auto industry participants are welcome from auto show promoters to local repairs stations. Our mission is simple: help fellow members and therefore we rely on the quality of the info our members supply! more >> I’m your host Slim Motors and I’m mad for machines!

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Slim trawls the interweb to find some interesting articles and info for members….

*Please Note: These articles have generally been posted by members and we [] give credit to our information sources – if we have trodden on any verifible copyright toes please let us know and we will have the offending articles removed.

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